Chambre d'inhalation TipsHaler

TipsHaler® : inhalation chamber designed to assist with pressurized metered dose inhaler (pMDI) aerosol medication delivery for treatment of asthma and respiratory.

The TipsHaler® inhalation chamber was specially developed to optimize treatments containing inhaled corticosteroids alone or in combination. Thanks to its technical specifications, it optimizes the pulmonary distribution of these inhaled drugs. It was designed in Normandy through OptimHal’s Research team and is fully manufactured in France.

La chambre d'inhalation TipsHaler®

Technical device

Certified processes

Convenient and unbreakable

Planet friendly sustainable

TipsHaler® inhalation chamber : a technical device with a proven efficiency
Technical to respect the specifications of the medical treatment

TipsHaler® inhalation chamber is a class 1 or a class 2 medical device according to the regulations of the countries where it is available.

It was developed by OptimHal® laboratory’s research department, which is fully ISO 13485: 2016 and ISO 9001: 2015 certified. It is made in France in workshops which are also ISO 13485: 2016 and ISO 9001: 2015 certified.

Proven effectiveness

La chambre d'inhalation TipsHaler® par OptimHal®

Several studies have been carried out to assess the effectiveness of the TipsHaler® inhalation chamber with most drugs available in metered dose inhalers.

  • The TipsHaler® inhalation chamber significantly reduces drug impaction in the throat and deposit in the trachea. These reductions are likely to reduce potential local side effects.
  • The TipsHaler® inhalation chamber increases the deposition of the drug in the “deep” lung, where the drug is needed.

TipsHaler® is optimized for pulmonary deposition of inhaled corticosteroids and base treatments containing corticosteroids.

IsoBreath® : An innovative patented valve system

La valve Isobreath®

The Isobreath® inspiratory valve (international patents apply) is a conical anti-reversal valve which provides a progressive calibrated resistance to inspiration to promote deep pulmonary distribution of fine particles and to minimize their impaction into the oropharyngeal cavity.

A conical valve designed to modulate the respiratory flow

Decreasing the inhalation speed rate of the particles improves the deep pulmonary distribution of the drug.

Thanks to its special geometry and to the precise hardness of its material, the Isobreath® valve is designed to avoid any resistance to low flow rates for toddlers thanks to its slight opening at rest and to progressively oppose significant resistance to high inspiratory flows.

The expiratory valve : essential for efficiency and useful as a visual control

TipsHaler® is equipped with a visual and removable exhalation valve. This valve prevents inhalation of outside air and decreases the number of breaths required to inhale the drug. It is essential for effective use in children under one year of age. It also allows visual control of the inhalation of the drug which is very useful for administering the drug to the young children.

Optimized size, shape and material for « OptimHal® » drug delivery in the pulmonary tree

TipsHaler® capte et bloque les plus grosses particules

The TipsHaler® inhalation chamber benefits from an optimized shape and from a special material to provide the patient with a better selection of fine particles and so, a better pulmonary drug distribution.

The bowl-shaped front of TipsHaler® combined with a better control of the electrostatic charge of the material, makes it possible to capture and block in the chamber the largest particles which would crash in the mouth and the throat. These particles then would not have any therapeutic effect and may potentially cause local side effects. These characteristics of TipsHaler® allow a better selection of the relevant sized particles which will reach the deep lung.

OrHal® : a new innovative shaped inhalation mask

The first patented mask, OrHal®, that isolates the nose to promote mouth inhalation in children and adults.

From about 12 months old, the nose gradually becomes efficient as a filter against the inhalation of foreign material by retaining them thanks to the ciliary system and nasal mucus. To ensure that the treatment is taken correctly and not cached by the nose, it then becomes essential that the inhalation be done through the mouth. OrHal® is the first inhalation mask designed with an isolate cavity for the mouth of adults and children over 1 year.

TipsHaler® avec masque OrHal® pédiatrique 

Improve oral inhalation for children over 1 year

Thanks to its flexible and airproof partition between the nose and the mouth, OrHal® avoids nasal inhalation and favors oral inhalation. So, it allows better pulmonary deposition of the drug by preventing it from being trapped by the nose.

Optimizes treatment intake

The partition of the OrHal® mask also reduces the dead volume* of the mask and allows more complete use of the aerosol contained in the inhalation chamber.

Facilitates treatment administration

Thanks to its flexibility and transparency, OrHal® facilitates positioning on the face. Proper positioning improves sealing and limits leakage to the face, which limits the inhalation of air without medication.  

* The dead volume of the inhalation chamber is the drug-free air between the inspiratory valve and the face that must be inhaled before medication can be received.

TipsHaler® : the certified inhalation chamber 

In Europe, inhalation chambers are class 1 medical devices for which regulatory requirements are reduced.  Only a declaration from the manufacturer makes it possible to market an inhalation chamber.

In areas like Japan or North America, the requirements for this type of device are significantly more stringent. To market TipsHaler® in these countries, the OptimHal laboratory included all the research, design and manufacturing processes for its inhalation chambers within the scope of its ISO 13485: 2016 certification.

This certification is provided by a notified body, independent and approved by health authorities, in particular European and North American. It guarantees that during all the research, design, manufacturing and distribution processes :

TipsHaler, chambre d'inhalation certifiée

  • All international standards applicable to an inhalation chamber are respected
  • Medical studies demonstrated the medical usefulness of the device
  • The materials used proved their biocompatibility and their lack of interaction with the drugs administered, through ISO 10993-5 and ISO 10993-10 standards
  • The information provided is duly justified and therefore sincere

Convenient and unbreakable

The TipsHaler® inhalation chamber was designed to simplify and improve the intake of inhaled metered dose inhaler treatments and to adapt to individual needs. Its different masks or mouthpiece, its simple maintenance and the absence of toxic substances make it a convenient, useful and safe inhalation chamber.


The TipsHaler® inhalation chamber is made of polypropylene, thermoplastic-elastomer and silicone. Thanks to these materials, the TipsHaler® inhalation chamber is a robust device.

The ergonomic TipsHaler® inhalation chamber suitable for everyone

Ergonomic, comfortable with a reduced dead volume, the TipsHaler® masks are ergonomic and have a flexible lip to guarantee the air tightness with the face to prevent leaks. They thus improve the intake of the treatments.

To adapt to each patient, the TipsHaler® inhalation chamber is available in several versions depending on the age and on the needs of the patient.

TipsHaler® Infant chamber

Infant mask

From 0 à 12 months

TipsHaler® pediatric inhalation chamber

OrHal® pediatric mask

12 months to 6 years

Masque pédiatrique OrHal® pour chambre d'inhalation

TipsHaler® inhalation chamber

Mouth piece 

Over 6 years

La chambre d'inhalation TipsHaler®, sans masque

TipsHaler® adult inhalation chamber

OrHal® adult mask


Masque adulte OrHal® pour chambre d'inhalation

Visual expiratory valve

 La valve visuelle

When administering inhaled metered dose inhaler treatments to young children, it is often unclear whether the child has taken the medication correctly.

The TipsHaler® inhalation chamber valve system allows you to visualize the movements of the exhalation valve while taking treatments. This mobile and visual valve makes it possible to check the child’s respiratory cycles inside the inhalation chamber and thus ensure that the treatment is taken properly.

Easy to disassemble for optimal hygiene

TipsHaler®, facile à démonter

Maintaining your inhalation chamber is essential to ensure proper delivery of treatment on a daily basis.

For optimal hygiene, the TipsHaler® inhalation chamber is completely removable, and therefore fully washable. This eliminates the deposit of drugs that accumulates during treatment, and also limits the growth of bacteria inside the inhalation chamber.

Compatible with most metered dose inhalers

TipsHaler® s'adapte à la majorité des aérosol-doseurs

Due to the wide variety of metered dose inhaler forms, an inhalation chamber must be adaptable to most treatments. Thanks to its flexible rear adapter, the TipsHaler® inhalation chamber accepts the majority of metered dose inhalers.

TipsHaler® was specifically designed for base treatments but is also entirely suitable for other treatments as shown by studies carried out with numerous drugs. This makes it possible in particular to use a single inhalation chamber when the doctor prescribes more than one metered-dose inhaler treatment.

The planet friendly inhalation chamber

With a view to sustainable development, our teams are committed to making their technical and economical choices while respecting our planet. For TipsHaler®, this translates into a :

Polypropylene tank

The balloon shaped tank of the inhalation chamber is made of polypropylene. It is actually one of the most easily recyclable polymers. To ensure recycling, the patient will deposit the used inhalation chamber according to selective sorting, in a container with a yellow lid.

100% recyclable packaging

TipsHaler® est 100% recyclable

With a view to reducing waste, the new packaging for the TipsHaler® inhalation chamber is now made of four times less plastic (7g versus 31g).

This packaging is 100% recyclable, 50% of which is already recycled and complies with the latest international standards for packaging medical devices.

Respectful of your health

La chambre d'inhalation TipsHaler® est respectueuse de votre santé

To ensure better quality of use and respect your health, the TipsHaler® inhalation chamber is a guaranteed medical device free from phthalates, from Bisphenol A, from latex and from heavy metals. All the materials used for the inhalation chamber are non-toxic and perfectly healthy polymers whose biocompatibility is certified ISO 10993-5 and ISO 10993-10.

Due to registration delays in some countries, this TipsHaler® inhalation chamber is still available

The trademarks TipsHaler®, OrHal® and IsoBreath® belongs to OptimHal-ProtecSom SAS.