Spacer for mechanical ventilation circuit

CombiHaler® Solo is 100% designed and manufactured in France. CombiHaler® Solo is a spacer designed to be used in invasive or non-invasive mechanical ventilation and critical care (ICU). CombiHaler® Solo device allows the administration of medicines by pMDI without disconnecting the circuit and is supposed to be used while a nebulizer is not necessary.

Who is it for ?

It is intended for patients suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), asthma or chronic obstructive respiratory insufficiency in pulmonology, critical care or operating suite.

The CombiHaler® Solo is single use only and is meant to be used in hospital, in intensive care services or for home care.

Why should you use the CombiHaler® Solo spacer ?

CombiHaler® Solo spacer provides significant benefits for ventilated patients and care-givers.

1. Using CombiHaler® Solo in mechanical ventilation circuit allows to save up to 50% of the drug contained in pMDI. Regarding the price of some drugs, it can represent a real benefit.

2. No change of the ventilator settings : reduces the risk of errors. Using the CombiHaler® Solo does not modify the respiratory parameters.

3. As it is transparent, CombiHaler® Solo do not bother the monitoring of the ventilation circuit.

4. As a Single use device, CombiHaler® Solo can be used during the lifespan of the ventilation system.

La marque de commerce CombiHaler® est une marque de ProtecSom-OptimHal SAS.