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TipsHaler-HospitHal® : the sterilizable inhalation chamber, sterilizable by autoclave and optimized for a targeted distribution of inhaled treatments by metered-dose inhaler.

The inhalation chamber TipsHaler-HospitHal® is the TipsHaler® sterilizable version. This device can be sterilized by autoclave (134° 18 mn) up to 10 times. TipsHaler-Hospital® keeps all TipsHaler® inhalation chamber qualities and proven efficiency.

The sterilizable inhalation chamber TipsHaler-HospitHal

Why did we design the sterilizable inhalation chamber, TipsHaler-HospitHal® ?

In response to the hospital services economic constraints and to the waste reduction concerns, the TipsHaler-HospitHal® inhalation chamber was designed to be reused by multiple patients, unlike classic inhalation chambers, which are single patient use. The entire sterilization of the inhalation chamber between each patient becomes possible up to 10 cycles. Ending the single patient use constraint, TipsHaler-Hospital® is very useful and economical for hospitals.

Who is the TipsHaler-HospitHal® sterilizable inhalation chamber designed for ?

Made for hospital and clinics, TipsHaler-HospitHal® is designed for all patients hospitalized and / or weakened by respiratory pathologies such as cystic fibrosis or asthma. In ambulatory, it enables patients weakened by respiratory pathologies to protect themselves from infections by the sterilization of the inhalation chamber with boiling water.

TipsHaler-HospitHal® : a proven efficiency

The TipsHaler-HospitHal® inhalation chamber has the TipsHaler®‘s features and benefits. Numerous studies carried out on these inhalation chambers have proven their effectiveness.

 Characteristics of the sterilizable inhalation chamber, 



TipsHaler-HospitHal, the sterilizable inhalation chamber

1. Sterilizable by autoclave at 134 °C per 18-minute cycle within the limit of 10 sterilizations

2. Designed and manufactured in France under ISO 13485:2016 certified process by the OptimHal laboratory

3. Made with a patented anti-reversal Isobreath® valve system

4. Equipped with an expiratory valve which prevents outside air inhalation and allows respiratory cycles visual control

5. Designed with optimized shape and suitable materials for a better selection of fine particles

6. Equipped with a flexible rear adapter compatible with the majority of metered-dose inhalers

7. Has a reduce dead volume

8. Fits all standard 22mm diameter masks

9. Fits standard tracheostomy tips via standard adapters

Discover the ambulatory version of the TipsHaler® inhalation chamber

TipsHaler inhalation chamber

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