OrHal : Masque cloisonné pour chambre d'inhalation

Partitioned mask for valved holding chamber

Why is it important to avoid nasal inhalation ?

Pourquoi et comment éviter le nez pour améliorer la déposition pulmonaire

Why is it important to avoid nasal inhalation ?

Anatomie de la muqueuse nasale

Anatomie du nez

Among difficulties that can significantly reduce the treatment effectiveness, inhalation through the nose instead of the mouth is one of the most important, especially in children over 1 year-old and adults.

From 1 year-old, the nose gradually becomes efficient as a filter.

The nose is a complex organ that provides several functions to protect the lungs and the organism. By going through the nose’s particular anatomy, the inhaled outside air is moistened and reheated.

The nasal mucosa, lined with mucus-impregnated ciliums traps the particles and infectious agents to neutralize them. In the same way, this filtration function traps the particles of medical aerosols what reduces the effectiveness of inhaled treatments.

How to avoid nasal inhalation  ?

From 3 to 4 years-old, it is possible to simply use a mouthpiece and pinch the nose instead of using a facemask.

From 1 year-old, it is possible to use OrHal® partitioned mask to ensure that the inhalation is exclusively oral.

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