Valved holding chamber for the treatment of asthma,                                allergies and respiratory diseases. 

Valved holding chamber for the treatment of asthma, allergies and respiratory diseases. 

TipsHaler® is a valved holding chamber specially designed to optimize lung distribution of inhaled corticosteroids, alone or in association. TipsHaler® is 100% designed and manufactured in France.

Why should you choose TipsHaler® valved holding chamber ? 

Inhaled corticosteroids are often used for the treatment of asthma and respiratory diseases. A poorly controlled inhalation can significantly decrease their efficiency and generates multiples local and general side effects.In order to facilitate the treatment, a valved holding chamber is often required.

TipsHaler® is the first valved holding chamber specifically designed for lung deposition of inhaled corticosteroids. It is still suitable for many other treatments.

How to use the TipsHaler inhalation chamber ?

Discover in video how to use a TipsHaler® inhalation chamber for taking inhaled aerosol-dosing treatments (assembly, treatment, disassembly …).

Technical specifications

 TipsHaler Inhalation Chamber: Proven efficiency
Fits every one’s needs

Where to find TipsHaler® ?

Innovative technical specifications

Resulting from a long research and development process, TipsHaler® valved holding chamber is a technical medical device intended to improve lung distribution of inhaled medicines, in particular inhaled corticosteroids.

OrHal® : An innovative partitioned pediatric mask

OrHal®, the first pediatric partitioned mask, has been developed to facilitate and optimize inhalation for children from the age of 1 year.

Progressively from the age of 12 months, the nose becomes operational and plays its role of filter against the inhalation of external particles. This development also promotes the retention of drug particles through cilia and nasal mucus. To ensure proper treatment, it is essential to obtain oral inspiration.

Promotes oral inhalation for children from the age of 1 year.

Its flexible and airtight partition between the nose and the mouth avoids nasal inhalation and allows a better pulmonary deposition of drugs.

Optimize treatment efficiency

Its mask with smal dead volume*, especially adapted for young children, allows a better pulmonary distribution of aerosols.

Facilitate treatment administration

Transparent and flexible, OrHal® is easy to use . Parents can check easily the correct positioning of the mask on the face, and limits leaks risks.

* The valved holding chamber‘s dead space is the air without medicine contained between the valve and the face of the child and which must be inhaled before being able to obtain medication.

IsoBreath® A revolutionary patented valve

Isobreath® inspiratory valve is an anti-reversal conical valve that calibrates inspiration resistance to promote deep pulmonary deposition of fine particles and limit impaction in the throat and trachea.

A conical valve designed to :

  • A low resistance to inspiration suited for toddlers inspiratory flow
  • A perfect seal on exhalation and total resistance to reversal

Isobreath® valve adapts to everybody’s inspiratory flow and slows down particles velocity so that they can penetrate deeper into the pulmonary airways.

A mastered electrostatic charge

TipsHaler® allows the selection of the smallest particles of drug.

Thanks to the material used and its shape, TipsHaler® attracts and retains large particles on its walls and allows the inhalation of the smallest particles.

The smallest the particles, the further they will be deposited deep into the lung, where the drug is needed.

A proven efficiency

Many in vitro studies have been carried out in order to compare the efficiency of TipsHaler® valved holding chamber with other marketed valved holding chambers and with pMDI alone.

Comparative studies – Pulmonary deposition of fluticasone

The results showed that :

Enfant avec une chambre d'inhalation TipsHaler pour aérosol-doseur

  • TipsHaler® valved holding chamber significantly reduces drug deposition in the trachea and the throat which is suitable for limiting side effects.
  • TipsHaler® valved holding chamber increases drug deposition in the deep respiratory airways, where drug is really needed.

TipsHaler® is optimized for the lung deposition of inhaled corticosteroids. 

For more informations about our studies, contact us.

A practical and safe inhalation chamber

The TipsHaler® inhalation chamber has been designed to simplify and improve the use of inhaled aerosol dispensers and adapt to individual needs. Its different masks or mouthpiece, its simplicity of maintenance or the absence of toxic substances make it a practical and safe inhalation chamber.

TipsHaler® is available is four models. 

TipsHaler® masks are flexible, ergonomic, comfortable and with reduced dead space. They guarantee proper seal with the face in order to avoid leaks.

TipsHaler® valved holding chamber is designed to fit everyone’s needs and to facilitate treatment administration with aerosolized drugs.

TipsHaler® valved holding chamber : infant

Infant mask

From 0 to 12 months

TipsHaler® valved holding chamber : pediatric

 OrHal® pediatric mask

From 12 months to 6 years

TipsHaler® valved holding chamber : adult


Over 6 years

TipsHaler® valved holding chamber : adult

Adult mask

Over 6 years

A visual expiratory valve

A visual expiratory valve

Thanks to its new mobile and visual expiratory valve, TipsHaler® allows to :

  • Check and validate respiratory movements.
  • Ensure that the treatment is properly inhaled.
Fully removable for optimal hygiene

For optimum hygiene, TipsHaler® can be completely dislantled to avoid “nests” of bacteria inside the inhalation chamber.

Respectful of your health

TipsHaler® is guarantee without phtalates, without Bisphenol A, without latex and without heavy metals for a better quality of use. TipsHaler® has been designed for you and your comfort.

Suitable for the majority of metered dose inhaler

Thanks to its flexible back adapter, TipsHaler® accepts the majority of metered dose inhalers.

TipsHaler® is avaible in several countries

Do you want to know the distributor in your country ? Are you interested in distributing TipsHaler® in your country ?

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

The trademarks TipsHaler®, IsoBreath® and OrHal® belong to Laboratoire ProtecSom SAS.

The IsoBreath® inspiratory valve and the partioned mask OrHal® are registred and patented design from Laboratoire OptimHal-ProtecSom SAS.